Top 3 reasons to calibrate your test and measuring instruments

Top 3 reasons to calibrate your test and measuring instruments

qldcalibrations AdminMay 7, '19

Calibration ensures your test and measuring instruments are fully functioning.  Unfortunately...

Calibrations are often delayed because they can be seen as less important than getting the job done.  Whether it is test and measuring instruments or gas detection equipment that you use as part of your work, it is vital to schedule a regular calibration and service.

Here are three reasons why you should calibrate your instruments on a regular basis:

  1. If quality is a focus, don't delay calibration. By scheduling routine calibrations, you're making sure your instrument is working within the manufacturer's specifications and tolerances, and that all readings are accurate.  Inaccurate readings can add up throughout a job and lead to an overall negative result to quality.  Not only will your customer be unhappy, you will most likely have to make up for it - resulting in unbudgeted time and energy when you could have already moved on to another job!
  2. Calibration boosts your instrument's reliability. Don't be let down by poor performance, inaccurate readings or unexpected instrument lapses.  We all know someone who has been there.  The time pressure is building up and at the worst possible moment...instrument failure.  Instrument failure is never at a convenient time - and for test and measuring instruments, it can hold up the next stage of the job.  A regular calibration of your instrument will ensure confidence in accurate measurement, enhance it's reliability and therefore improve your reliability and productivity.
  3. Let's talk legal requirements.  A delay in calibrating your test and measurement instruments can lead to legal trouble and liabilities.  It does happen - but it can be avoided by letting a reputable calibrator make sure the equipment you use is up to the appropriate standards and therefore not putting you (or your customers) at risk of legal consequences.  Legal consequences ( and it probably goes without saying) will have a substantial impact on the job and even your reputation.
It can be easy to put off calibration, but the risks of not calibrating your instruments and gas detectors will eventually have a negative result.  Think of it as a type of equipment insurance to ensure you can provide a quality job - reliably - that is up to legislative, regulatory and safety standards.