Basic IR Camera Handling

AIR Australia will be providing comprehensive Infrared Camera Handling training courses for clients intending to use Infrared Cameras in the areas of electro-mechanical, building, process, solar and cold room thermography inspections. This half-day training course covers the following areas of thermography:

  • Governing Body for Information and Membership
  • Training Organisations 
  • Relevant Standards
  • Basic Thermal Science
  • Basic Camera Handling Theory 
  • Introductions to Basic Applications
  • Practical Training of Camera Use
  • Practical Training of Analytics Programs and Reporting 

Basic IR Camera Handling Course - QLD Calibrations

This course is ideal to prepare beginner Thermographers for the use of their newly purchased Infrared Camera. It will prepare the student to be able to capture Thermograms and carry out basic analytics and reporting images they have captured.

For effective learning, class sizes are limited to 8 students.