Fluke Solar Professional Training

Fluke Professional Training - Made for Solar Professionals

Are you interested in the NEW Fluke SMFT-1000 Multifunction PV Tester? Well this training is for you!

The Fluke SMFT-1000 is the newest all-in-one test solution for Solar Professionals allowing you to verify PV performance and safety.

Learn all about the functionality, usage and software of the Fluke SMFT-1000, allowing you to change the way you perform maintenance and verify PV performance.

Fluke Solar Professional Training - QLD Calibrations

Course Outline:

  • AS5033:2021 compliance using the Fluke SMFT-1000 Multifunction PV Tester 
  • Performing tests as per AS5033:2021 with the Fluke SMFT-1000 Multifunction PV Tester
  • Common test wiring practices 
  • Understanding & comparing results with AS5033:2021
  • Creating reports via the Fluke TruTest Software