Enhancing site safety with portable gas detectors

Enhancing site safety with portable gas detectors

qldcalibrations AdminSep 11, '19

Changing legislation and regulatory compliance, combined with evolving insurance pre-requisites are making the use of portable gas detectors more prevalent in many industries.  There is a big drive within many sites to ‘enhance safety’ and the integration of a portable gas detection fleet on site is one way of assisting with this.

In addition to legislated requirements (where compliance is mandatory), many sites also choose to implement site-specific rules – eg. Bump testing a portable gas detector before it is used by any operative.  Please see our article ~ ‘Let’s talk bump testing vs calibration’ for more information on device testing. 

Another challenge for operators is protection against water, dust and dirt ingress during periods of disuse/storage.  Many applications requiring gas detection may be dirty, full of airborne particulates, dusts and water.  If the unit is not properly protected, these elements can get into the device’s sensor and compromise its detection capabilities. 

Did you know that Queensland Calibrations supplies an IP67 watertight, crushproof, and dustproof Pelican Case with every Honeywell Microclip X3 Multi Gas Detector purchased?   For your convenience and safety, this ensures additional protection from the elements during periods of disuse and storage.   

Take a look:  http://bit.ly/QldCal_Exclusive-MicroClip

If you’d like to know more about portable gas detection or even the wide range of accessories that are available to -- secure portable devices; facilitate air sampling; power and charging; datalogging etc, please contact us here at Queensland Calibrations.

We are committed to helping you keep safe on the job.