Therm-App® MD Pro


In 2003, OPGAL was first in the market to employ thermal imaging cameras to measure airline passengers’ skin temperature passing through SARS-affected regions.
An elevated skin temperature may indicate fever allowing affected people to be isolated for further evaluation to determine the cause. Similar quarantine procedures may help minimize the spread of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak.

** Note the Therm-App MD Pro is not a medical diagnostic tool. It cannot detect if an individual is sick – only if they have an elevated body temperature.   It is essential to check a suspected person with a medically approved measurement method – such as a thermometer.

The Therm-App MD Pro has been sold worldwide to hospitals, airports, offices, public transportation, educational institutions, and commerce centers. The idea is to help assist with the wellbeing of others in public places.

In existing applications where the Therm-App MD Pro is used, it has been described as "the first line of defence. The primary purpose is to detect elevated body temperatures at an entrance.  The secondary purpose is to create efficiency in visitor's flow as it can be a considerable task to measure their temperature individually. It is a vital tool in such times, especially with the Ministry of Health's directives and the Coronavirus threat."

Application Video 

This video was an application test in an international airport to demonstrate how the product works and highlights new features introduced in the Pro model.

Product Features

  • Unlimited Hotspot Detection & Tracking: Scans multiple faces at once, with no distraction by other heat sources and no crowd interference.
  • Advanced Deep Learning Algorithm: Real-time base temperature auto-adjustment to compensate for localized climate change.
  • Linux-Based Solution: Includes a Smart Edge Device. SDK provided upon request.
  • Stand-Alone Solution: No additional calibration equipment is required.
  • Remote Sensor: No crowd flow interference.
  • Quick Hotspot Detection: Less than 0.3 seconds.
  • Up to 20 Simultaneous Scans: With an advanced facial detection algorithm.
  • Audio & Visual Alert: Blinking suspect image & alarm.

Could you use this technology to assist with returning to a pre-COVID routine? 

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