Fluke 1623-2 GEO Earth Ground Resistance Meter

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Fluke 1623-2 Earth Ground Tester performs all four ground tests quickly and accurately.

The Fluke 1623-2 earth ground tester measures earth ground loop resistances using only clamps, only stakes, or one clamp and stakes. With the stakeless test method, the Fluke 1623-2 is able to measure earth ground loop resistances for multi-grounded systems using only current clamps. This technique eliminates the dangerous, and time consuming job of disconnecting parallel grounds, and finding suitable locations for auxiliary ground stakes. You can use it to perform earth ground tests in places you’ve not considered before, such as inside buildings, on power pylons, or anywhere you don’t have access to soil.

Keep your options open

Keep in mind, the stakeless test method works only if a bonded earth ground system exists for the building or structure under test. If there is only one path to ground, typical with many residential applications, you will need to use the fall-of-potential test method that requires stakes.

The 1625-2 is also very easy to use. World class accessories speed set up and test time. And the tester tells you which stakes or clamps to connect for each test. The large rotary switch and buttons are easy to operate even with a gloved hand. And you can store up to 1,500 records and access them easily via the USB port.

Need even more accuracy? Check out the 1625-2 that offers:

  • Automatic Frequency Control that identifies existing interference and chooses a measurement frequency to minimize its effect, thus providing a more accurate earth ground value.
  • R* measurement that calculates earth ground impedance at 55 Hz to more accurately reflect the earth ground resistance that a fault-to earth ground would see.

Other useful capabilities:

  • Includes USB port for data storage and transfer
  • Works with world class that speed set up and test time
  • Comes with a rugged carrying case


  • GEO Earth Ground Tester
  • User's Manual
  • Batteries
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • 2 Test Leads
  • USB Cable