Fluke 289 IMSK Industrial Multimeter Service Kit

Price: $1,589.50 Ex GST: $1,445.00

This combo kit is built around the Fluke 289, Fluke’s next-gen high performance industrial logging multimeter, combined with the i400 AC current clamp. Together, they help solve complex problems in electronics, plant automation, power distribution, and electro-mechanical equipment. The kit includes special accessories to make you even more productive on the job and will save over 15% compared with the individually priced items. Plus, you'll be working with the most trusted tools in the world.

Fluke 289 DMM Features

  • Provides the ability to log data and graphically
  • TrendCapture graphically displays logged data session to quickly determine whether anomalies may have occurred.
  • Review up 10,000 recorded events and logged readings with on-board TrendCapture
  • Zoom on trend provides unprecedented ability to view and analyze TrendCapture data; zoom in up to 14 times.
  • Low Pass filter for accurate voltage and frequency measurements at the same time on adjustable speed motor drives and other electrically noisy equipment.
  • Includes premium test leads, alligator clips, and amp jack plugs

Fluke i400 AC Current Clamp Features

  • Provides accurate current measurements up to 400 A ac without breaking electric circuits.
  • Flexible, heat resistant test leads and alligator clips complete this high-performance kit.
  • Soft non-slippery over mold handle prevents from accidental touching live wiring
  • Max. conductor Ø 32 mm

1000V voltage detection range for wide range of applications use

  • Measures up to 1000 V AC/DC voltage
  • Measures up to 10 A AC/DC current
  • Measure resistance up to 500 MΩ
  • Measure frequency up to 1000 kHz max

Safety Features

  • Rated for CAT III 1000 V for added protection
  • Rated for CAT IV 600 V for added protection
  • CE and CSA approved


  • Fluke 289 True-RMS Data Logging Multimeter
  • Fluke i400 400A AC Current Clamp
  • TL71 Flexible Silicone Test Lead Set
  • AC175 Threaded Alligator Clip Set