Fluke CV200 ClirVu 50 mm (2 in) Infrared Window

Price: $374.00 Ex GST: $340.00

Estimated 3 - 4 Days

A company's greatest investment is not the equipment that's behind the panel door; top priority is to offer the ultimate protection for the electricians, engineers and inspectors who risk their lives every day doing their jobs.

The ClirVu® coating - exclusive to Fluke infrared windows - seals the optic prior to assembly to protect against moisture degradation making it perfect for very hot and very cold environments.

Each Fluke infrared window is delivered with an identification plate attached for unique, on-site numbering for rapid location confirmation and faster repairs.


  • 2 in (50 mm) IR Window
  • Hand turn door latch
  • Warranty statement 
  • Fluke IR Windows are complete, assembled and ready for installation