Fluke FEV300 EV Charging Station Test Adapter Kit: 1664 FC+ Installation Tester and Type 2 Connector

Price: $4,400.00 Ex GST: $4,000.00

The FEV300 with 1664 FC+ Multifunction Installation Tester is a complete kit designed to test the function and safety of charging stations mode 3 for AC charging. This test adapter simulates the presence of an electrical vehicle, allowing you to conduct tests in combination with the Fluke 1664 FC+ installation tester to quickly and efficiently test to all local regulations without opening the charging station. Use the FEV300 to verify a charging station is working properly after install, during periodic maintenance or troubleshoot a charging station if it is not delivering the appropriate charge. With the adapter kit, charging stations can be tested in accordance with IEC/EN 61851-1 and IEC/HD 60364-7-722.

Run seven installation tests in one sequence

The FEV300 PE grounding protection pre-test verifies that there is no presence of dangerous voltage at the ground terminal. Connect the 1664 FC+ to the FEV300 to run seven installation tests automatically in one sequence through a single connection. The 1664 FC+ tests to all local regulations and allows you to share test results in real time over your smartphone via Fluke Connect Measurements.

Safety, simplicity and convenience

Perform a variety of tests including ground fault checks, insulation of wires, measuring voltage and duty cycle to see max current available for charging all in one adapter that safely integrates with the Fluke portfolio of test and measurement tools. There is no need to bring an electric vehicle onsite for charging station troubleshooting: the FEV300 adapter acts as an electric vehicle when connected to a charging station for easy performance and maintenance testing.

  • PE Pre-Test: Safely pre-test the PE conductor for possible presence of dangerous voltage against earth
  • Proximity Pilot (PP) state “Cable Simulation”: The PP State rotary switch enables the adapter to simulate various current capabilities of charging cables
  • Control Pilot (CP) state “Vehicle Simulation”: Use the CP State rotary switch selector to simulate various charging states
  • Simulation of CP error “E”: Simulate PE error (Earth fault)

Test EV charging station RCD type A-EV or RDC-DD DC protection devices

Perform tests with the 1664 FC+ on EV charging station DC protection devices using the RCD type B (smooth DC currents) VAR mode, which generates the test currents for RCD type A-EV or RDC-DD acc. to IEC 62955 (6/60/200 mA and ramp <2 to 6 mA ramp). This allows the quick an easy testing of additional 6 mA DC monitors on charging points.

Save time and enhance collaboration

Because the 1664 FC+ is Fluke Connect®-enabled, you can send test results to your smartphone, save them to the cloud, and share measurements in real time with team members through a ShareLive video call. It's the fastest way to let your team see what you see, and to help you get approvals without leaving the field. Fluke Cloud™ storage allows you to retrieve stored results whether you are in the office or in the field to make decisions in real time. You get world-class data protection and can import the data, manage files transferred from instruments, or manually enter data as needed into TruTest™ Software to process and generate certificates quickly and easily. Designed to eliminate the hassle associated with traditional electrical system data management and reporting, TruTest™ Software is an ideal solution for producing easy-to-understand reports for clients.


  • FEV300/BASIC Test Adapter
  • 1664 FC+ Installation Multifunction Tester
  • FEV300-CON-TY2 Type 2 Plug
  • Carrying case