Fluke ISQS1 Insulated Square-Head Screwdriver

Price: $35.20 Ex GST: $32.00

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The screwdriver tips, made from hardened chromium-molybdenum-vanadium (CMV) steel blades to minimize wear, fit and grip the fastener properly to apply maximum torque without damage to the head. These screwdrivers are perfect to keep in your tool bag and bring on whatever jobsite you’re on. Always be safer and grab for an insulated screwdriver. Fluke offers two sizes of square head screwdrivers, sold individually or as kits:

  • ISQS1 Insulated Squared Screwdriver #1, 4" shaft; (4 mm square tip, 100 mm shaft)
  • ISQS2 Insulated Squared Screwdriver #2, 5" shaft; (6 mm square tip, 125 mm shaft)

NFPA 70E requirements

Both drivers have handles that are ergonomically designed for a strong grip without cramping your hand up whether you’re in gloves or not. Precision insulated tools that meet NPFA 70E requirements. Every screwdriver is individually tested to 10,000 volts and certified to

  • 1000 V AC
  • 1500 V DC

The tool is also backed by a limited lifetime warranty.