Fluke T90 Voltage and Continuity Tester

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Redesigned cable assembly for superb reliability on the job

Fluke T90 Basic Voltage and Continuity Tester

The compact Fluke T90 Voltage and Continuity Tester gives you fast test results the way you need them in a slim design. Large, easy-to-use buttons, bright backlit LED indicators and clear audible indicator give quick results in any work situation.

How do we test our new and improved Two-Pole Voltage and Continuity Testers?

Two-pole voltage and continuity testers measure voltage, but just as important is when a two-pole tester tells you that there is NOT voltage present before working on any circuit.  For you to rely on your two-pole tester, it has to be the most rugged and reliable tester you can find. That’s what Fluke’s redesigned two-pole testers give you.

Fluke knows the cable assembly is often where failures occur. The cable on any Two-Pole voltage and continuity tester is its weakest point- it is repeatedly bent, twisted, wrapped and put under constant strain. If the cable were to break, it could place you at an increased safety risk. Industry standards call for the cable to be tested to withstand a forty-five-degree bend, and still work after 5000 bend cycles. Fluke puts our testers through three times what the standard demands, flexing the cable over 150 degrees in each direction. This is why we can offer you our strongest voltage and continuity testers warranty ever.

Other useful features

  • Dual insulated cable tested to 3x the required bend angle provides increased reliability and durability.
  • Switchable load: avoid display of ghost voltages allowing you to draw more current from the circuit under test and avoid trip residual-current devices (RCDs)
  • Backlit graduated scale and backlit indicators
  • Improved probe docking for secure storage.
  • Single-pole phase test offers fast identification of live conductors.
  • Push-on probe tips, probe tip protector and storage accessory.