Norbar 14004, PRO 1500 3/4" N·m/lbf·ft

Price: $2,585.00 Ex GST: $2,350.00

Model: PRO 1500 3/4"
Part Number: 14004

The Norbar 14004, Pro 1500 3/4" is an extension of the Professional range og Norbar Torque Wrenches. Similar to the Model 60 - 330 Professional wrenches the Norbar Model 14004, Pro 1000 3/4" has the same high quality and accuracy which guarantee an accuracy of +-3% of reading. Designed for ease of usability the Professional 800 Series is non-length dependant, so it can be used with or without the supplied extension handle. This extension handle significantly reduces operator effort to achieve high torque values.