Fluke SMFT-1000 Solar Tools Pro Kit: Fluke Multifunction PV Tester, I-V Curve Tracer with TruTest™ Software and MC4 Leads

Price: $10,010.00 Ex GST: $9,100.00

Designed for PV professionals, the SMFT-1000 solar tools kit provides a complete solution for PV installation, commissioning, inspection, and maintenance testing that conforms to IEC 62446-1 standards. Through Fluke’s TruTest™ Software, measurement data from solar site installation and commissioning testing can be easily imported, organized and analysed for effortless reporting without having to bring a laptop on-site.

Category 1 – IEC 62446-1 full sequence safety testing 

  • Protective resistance earth (Rpe) 
  • Voltage on open circuit (Voc) 
  • Short circuit current (Isc) 
  • Insulation resistance (Rins)
  • Polarity

Category 2 – IEC 62446-1 system performance testing 

While taking an I-V curve reading in the field, the SMFT-1000 will display the curve as it loads in the test data, against the module specifications as defined by the manufacturer. This makes it easy to immediately confirm measurements without the use of a laptop or tablet. Run the I-V curve test on new installations to confirm they are working according to the site specifications, or to test if existing modules or strings are working to their expected performance levels.

  • I-V Curve tracing and software analysis with TruTest
  • Irradiance, temperature, tilt, cardinal direction

Wireless Irradiance Meter

To perform precise I-V curve measurements, real time irradiance and temperature data is needed. The SMFT-1000 Solar Tools Kit includes the IRR2-BT irradiance meter wirelessly connects to the SMFT-1000 to communicate data in real time, providing the most accurate I-V curve measurements possible. If the wireless connection is interrupted for any reason, the IRR2-BT will continue recording data for up to 17 hours that can later be matched to tests taken with the SMFT-1000. 

TruTest™ Advanced Solar Software: Spend less time processing test results and compiling reports

Cover all your certification and documentation needs through the fast and reliable TruTest™ software. TruTest™ integrates solar asset management, data storage and reporting on a single platform. Whether you are analysing panel efficiency through I-V curves, or safety testing the system through the Category 1 test regime in conformance to IEC 62446-1, proper data management is critical for producing easy-to-understand reports for clients. TruTest™ Software allows you to quickly and easily import measurement results directly from your solar multifunction tester to your computer, organize and analyse the data, compare individual asset data against previous measurements imported and provide a comprehensive and visual client report.

  • Easily manage measurement data from solar site installation and commissioning testing 
  • Quickly create inspections and reports compliant with IEC 62446-1 and other directives
  • I-V curve analysis with easy pass/fail visuals; see changes in I-V curve over multiple site visits
  • Compare site data to previous site data to see changes over time


  • Fluke SMFT-1000-BP Professional Tool Backpack
  • SMFT-1000 Multifunction PV Analyzer
    1. Carry Strap
    2. Fuse Pack
    3. Adapter Cable IRDA Optical-to-USB
    4. Zero Adapter
  • IRR2-BT Wireless Solar Irradiance Meter Pro
    1. 80PR-IRR External Temperature Probe
    2. Mounting Bracket for solar panel
    3. Carry Case
  • i100 AC/DC Current Clamp 100 A
    1. TPAK Magnet Set
  • TP1000 Test Probe with Remote Test Button
  • TL1000 Test Lead Set
  • TL1000-MC4 Test Lead Set
  • TL1000/30M Test Lead on Reel
  • Coupler set
  • PVLEAD3 MC4 Solar Clamp Test Lead Set
  • TruTest™ Advanced Data Management and Reporting Software

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