Avoid These 4 Costly Mistakes When Purchasing Fluke Products

Avoid These 4 Costly Mistakes When Purchasing Fluke Products

Qld Cal AdminAug 14, '23

Navigating the purchase of Fluke items can be tricky, especially when counterfeit products and unauthorised sellers lurk around every corner. Here's why purchasing Fluke products from an authorised distributor is essential for electricians and those interested in buying Fluke items.

1. Warranty Protection

Fluke's Genuine Warranty

Fluke offers full benefits of the original manufacturer’s warranty, but only when purchased through local authorised distributors or resellers. If you venture into buying from unauthorised sources, you might find yourself stuck with unforeseen costs like importation charges, labour, and replacement parts if repairs are needed.

The "Genuine Warranty Product" Label

From 18 May 2020 onwards, Fluke introduced a "Genuine Warranty Product" label on their tools (except accessories or sealed products) as a seal of authenticity. Even if this label is missing, don't worry; the authenticity can still be verified through the proof of purchase.

2. The Perils of Grey Importing

What Are Grey Market Products?

Grey market products are those tools, parts, or accessories sold outside of authorised channels. Though grey sellers may tempt you with artificially low prices, they often lack after-sales support and product training.

Grey Importing Consequences

Grey importing of Fluke items can lead to non-coverage under the original manufacturer’s warranty. Plus, there’s the potential pitfall of non-compliance with Australian Standards, including receiving incorrect accessories or plug tops on leads.

3. The Importance of Compliance

Australian Standards and Regulations

Non-compliance with Australian Standards is not just a technical issue; it can pose real risks to you. Even incorrect accessories can significantly hinder a product's effectiveness and safety.

4. The Benefits of Authorised Distributors

Protect Your Purchase

Buying from authorised distributors guarantees that you're purchasing genuine Fluke products, along with full after-sales support and product training.

Fluke’s Authorised Distributor List

Finding an authorised distributor is easy. Fluke has an authorised distributor list on their website to guide you in making the right purchase. Queensland Calibrations is a proud, authorised dealer of Fluke.


Investing in Fluke items is a wise decision for quality, precision, and safety. However, falling into the trap of unauthorised distributors could lead to a series of problems like faulty products, lack of warranty, and potential non-compliance with Australian standards.

To enjoy all the rich benefits that Fluke products offer, always make your purchase from authorised sources. Your peace of mind knowing that your tools are genuine and fully supported by Fluke is not something to gamble with. The lure of lower prices should never overshadow the long-term value and security of purchasing through authorised channels.