Key Differences Between The 1660 Series Testers

Key Differences Between The 1660 Series Testers

Qld Cal AdminJun 5, '23

Electricians have favoured Fluke's 1660 Series of Multifunction Testers for many years due to its dependability, user-friendliness, and diverse array of testing capabilities. 

 However, it might be difficult to determine which model best suits your testing needs. Therefore, we are highlighting an overview and differences between these models.

 Fluke's 1660 Series Multifunction Testers are famous for their speed, dependability, and safety. They are the only installation testers that prevent harm to connected appliances, and they all come with fused test probes (at no additional cost). This is inclusive of:

  • 6x AA (IEC LR6) Batteries
  • C1600 Durable Transport Case
  • TL1665 STD Set of Standard Test Leads (with the aforementioned fused test probes)
  • CD-ROM User Manual for TP165X Remote Control Probe and Lead Quick Reference Guide.

Differences amongst the testers

Fluke Multifunction Tester 1662

The Fluke 1662 MFT, the entry-level model in the 1660 Range of Multifunction Testers, is a reliable, simple installation tester. The gadget is compliant with the most recent 18th Edition Wiring Regulations. In addition, it is a dependable and sturdy tester that is perfect for engineers and electricians. Whether you're a novice or an expert, this gadget will help you succeed. Overall, the gadget is user-friendly and compliant with all local standards. It monitors RCD switching time and tripping level above anything else. Additionally, it can measure travel duration, current, and RCD variable current.

Fluke Multifunction Tester 1663

The tester is used to conduct continuity checks on L-N, L-PE, and N-PE inputs, as well as type B RCD (EV charging) testing. Additionally, it can monitor earth resistance and smooth DC sensitive RCDs (type B). The Z-max memory function facilitates the analysis of the highest loop test result. 

The instrument includes several measuring capabilities. This comprises TRMS AC/DC voltage and frequency, continuity, insulation resistance, as well as loop and line resistance. In addition, the RCD tests consist of the RCD trip duration, RCD type A and AC measurement, RCD trip current, and RCD variable test current. It is appropriate for all levels of professional users since it provides:

  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Superior measurement technology
  • Simple, user-friendly functioning

Fluke Multifunction Tester 1664

The Fluke 1664FC is a multifunctional installation tester that has Auto Test, Insulation PreTest, Fluke Connect compatibility, and an EU plug. Fluke Connect enables the 1664 FC installation tester to communicate test results to a mobile device and interact with others. 

FlukeCloud storage enables users to obtain saved results in the office or in the field in order to make choices in real time. The Fluke 1664 MFT provides the same functionality, accuracy, dependability, and ease-of-use as the 1663 Installation Tester, as well as additional safety, convenience, and productivity-enhancing features:

  • Insulation Pre-Test: prohibits insulation testing on systems with linked appliances, hence preventing equipment damage.
  • Fluke Connect: wirelessly send readings from the Fluke 1664 MFT to a smartphone/tablet with the Fluke Connect App loaded; from there, exchange data with customers and co-workers to facilitate real-time decision making and collaboration.

Comparing the Fluke 1662, 1663, 1664 we discovered that these installation testers are perfect for protecting connected equipment from harm.

Aside from that, the devices comply with all local requirements swiftly and effectively. In addition, both of these safeguard any devices that may mistakenly be attached to the system under evaluation.

Still needing some help deciding?

We have developed a quiz to guide you to choosing the Right Multifunction Tester for your applications.